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Socdem APP

SocDem APP

Political education and training are pillars of transformative politics. They empower individuals and organizations who work for change. With an ever-changing political climate, progressive organizations, among others, rely on education and training to build capacities, update analytical tools, and innovate ways to face current challenges and shape the future. SocDem Asia works to contribute to this end by offering party workers, activists, and changemakers in the region a platform for retooling their skills and harnessing the power of ideas: SocDem APP.

SocDem APP is a comprehensive political education and training program designed by political advisors, campaign managers, industry practitioners, and veteran politicians from the different SocDem Asia programs from the past 7 years. It taps on an expanded network of resource persons from Asia, Europe, and Latin America for learning, experience-sharing, and collaboration. The courses are designed to provide new ideas, analytical tools, and practical skills on areas of organizational strengthening, political management, and strategy development. They aim to aid political organizations’ agents to serve their day-to-day politics and their strategic mission for transformation. The courses and materials are timely, dynamic, practicable, free, and now online.

SocDem APP consists of the Political Management Training for Young Progressives and the Executive Courses.

Socdem Asia Secretariat
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